Lucinda Denning

Audience oil 152x76cm sold 
Blue Hat gouache 50x59cm £400 
Blue Skies (diptych/;2 images) oil on wood   £270 
Byzant gouache  59x50cm £400 
Cats Cradle gouache 44x54cm £400 
Cold day at the Lido gouache   sold 
Country Walk with Chandelier oil 162x137cm Sold 
Couple  gouache 26x22cm £100 
Couple oil 77x61cm Sold 
Cowboy Hat gouache 54x39cm sold 
Diamond jumper (diptych:2 images) oil on wood   £240 
Devotion gouache  59x50cm £400 
Emil and the Detectives oil 70x91cm £850 
Family Gathering oil 102x76cm Sold 
Flower Lady gouache 13x18cm £100 
Fresh Morning at the Lido gouache   sold 
Going Out gouache  54x44cm sold 
Guild of Hat Embroiderers gouache  57x43cm £345 
High Tea oil 122x110cm £1800 
Holiday Clothes gouache  59x56cm £400 
In the Orchard gouache  48x58cm sold 
Infantas oil 80x92cm £1275 
Lacy Collar gouache  40x50cm £350 
Lady with Dancing Girl (diptych,: 2 images) oil on wood   £180 
Lido-Diver gouache    £195 
Lido Conversation gouache    £350 
Morning Swim gouache    sold 
Mother and Daughters gouache  49x41cm £295 
New Hair gouache   58x48cm sold
On Deck gouache  47x58cm £400 
Park and Ride oil 102x76cm £1380 
Picnic oil 91x91cm £1380 
Rose gouache  48x60cm £390 
Sentinel (Left) gouache  76x152cm £1280 
Sentinel (Right) gouache  76x152cm £1280 
Shopping gouache  46x57cm £375 
Spring Bee at the Lido oil   sold 
Stag Beetle or Tortoise? oil   £630 
Surprise gouache  48x60cm £400 
Synchronised Swimming Rehearsal gouache    £195 
The Dark Doorway gouache 58x48cm sold 
The Wave gouache 13x18cm £100 
Three Kings gouache 19x19cm £100 
Trio gouache  59x50cm £450 
Triplets gouache 59x50cm £450 
Two Friends in Exotic Hats oil 90x74cm sold 
Waiting gouache 13x18cm £100 
Where Next? gouache  58x48cm sold 
Which Flower? gouache  52x41cm sold 
Woman with butterfly and Goldfinch oil on canvas   sold 
Wittering Reflections gouache 58x48cm £350 
Wittering Steep Beach gouache  58x48cm sold 
Wittering Sunset gouache  58x48cm £350 
Woodcutter gouache 44x54cm sold 
Woodland Walk gouache  45x55cm £400